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We have some exciting news to share. BRC Engineering, BRC flow control, and Area 51 Machine Design will now be operating as ONE company under ONE new name: AIP INDUSTRIES INC.

How will this affect you?

  1. Area 51 Machine Design Inc. will continue to operate as the engineering division of AIP Industries Inc.
  2. All manufacturing and machining services will now operate as AIP Industries Inc.
  3. Our flow control product line, formerly known as BRC Flow Control, will now be known as BLACK ARMOR FLOW CONTROL, a product line of AIP Industries Inc.
  4. All email correspondence from team members across all divisions (Area 51, Black Armour, and AIP Industries), will now be moved to an email address.
  5. All Purchase Orders and related business correspondence should be directed to AIP Industries Inc.

AIP Industries was founded on the mindset that “Anything Is Possible.” It is this mindset that drives our team to think differently and to approach projects from a “How Can We” perspective. AIP Industries Inc. remains dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services and we look forward to continuing to work with you during this exciting time.

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