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Like you, we start where others stop! AIP takes on the toughest industrial business challenges to solve them with machine design technologies.

By 2025, we aim to make $1 Billion dollars of impact, by 2030, $10 Billion. Our clients are as varied as the projects we undertake, from climate and cleantech, through energy sector and industrial manufacturing. We specialize in “never-been-done-before” and have demonstrated our ability to take value propositions from back of the napkin to manufactured products. As serial problem solvers, we invite the brightest, head – hand skill, lifelong learners to join our engineering and manufacturing team.

AIP Industries combines the best of 16 years of Area 51 Machine Design and 22 years of BRC Manufacturing. Together with our clients, Anything Is Possible.

AIP welcomes all Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada, without bias. We invite you to apply with your resume AND cover letter on the specific Indeed job postings. Due to the mindset, skills and experience required to solve the business challenges we tackle, we expect to only be able to respond to a select few applicants.

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We help companies save money through industrial optimization & innovative product development.

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AIP Industries

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Phone: (403) 764-5151

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